Candle Symbolism & Superstitions

Candles are used in various ways in a vast multitude of religious rituals, ceremonies, and prayers, and so on; listed below are a few ways in which candles are used in religions and faiths that incorporate a belief in magick, and spell working. Below that are superstitions regarding candles from all over the world, many of which are still observed today.

– Candles are used to represent the god and goddess of your specific beliefs, or the general Wiccan male and female superior deities, when placed upon the altar. They can be carved to resemble the two figures, or be left uncarved, and placed side by side.

– Candles are used to mark the significant four corners of a circle; a necessary part of a routine ritual, –circles are drawn for more complex spells, or for drawing upon ley lines for energy.

– Candles are also used in circles to represent the sacred triangle; in which the god and goddess are called.

– When working certain spells, a candle can represent a person, place, thing, or the desire that you are trying to manifest.

– Candles are also used to repel evil, and negativity; whether as an accoutrement to a spell, or as single instruments, left b urning in the home.

– One can also light a candle, and burn it as an offering of energy to the primary gods, or goddesses of a single religion.

– Candles are often used as magickal workings in and of themselves; usually this is when candles are handmade, and combined with an herbal formula, more thoroughly explained in a different article.

– Another more complex use for candles, is as a magickal timing device; carved with notches, and burned over a specific time frame, in increments of hours, or days.


– Lighting a candle from the fire is a sure way to prevent ever becoming wealthy.

– Lighting more than two candles with a taper is bad luck.

– Trouble lighting a candle means a storm is coming.

– A candle with a mostly blue, or all blue flame means there’s a spirit in the room, a coming frost, or an impending death.

– A flame that curls, or spirals upwards means your enemies are plotting.

– A flame that wavers to one side means travel is in your future.

– A tall, straight flame means a stranger should be expected.

– A sputtering flame means disappointment, sadness, or those things coming soon.

– A flame that is suddenly extinguished, means a great disaster coming in the near future.

– A flame that is accidentally knocked out, or extinguished, means a wedding will soon take place.

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