An Introduction To & Color Chart For Candle Spells

Candle magick is one of the oldest practices in the realm of magick; candles are embraced by every sect of magickal practice as well; Pagans, Wiccans, Satanists, and Christians; plus a thousand other popular religions, all supporting the power that candles have. Several magick practitioners have published their perspectives on candles, whether they are in the form of guides, or spell books, or just speculation on the topic of candle magick. One opinion, is that candles are like batteries; they lend energy and force to the spell or ritual being worked, and provide a source of support, –also suggesting that the white candle is the most powerful “battery” candle to use during a spell or ritual.

Thus, throughout this guide, you may want to consider a white candle being used along with whatever other colors your spell calls for, and at the same time, visualize the neutrality of the white candle. During times when a white candle is used alone, it represents the strength of good, innocence, and also, a cleansing of the spirit, home, and self; so when using a white candle with others for its strong energetic force, be sure to remember the white candle’s place in this combination is total neutrality. Failing to keep your own thoughts on the spells at hand, is just as good as calling quits on the spell you’re working, because it cannot work without you.

Before we go on to give you the candle magick color chart, and go on to give a few examples of spells, it is most important to remember as well, that writing your own spellwork, is usually a better path to success. Beginners who start out with simple spells, meditation, and magic appreciation courses, –such as herb gardening, and other basic activities to immerse themselves in the craft, –may find that after a while, spell writing comes naturally. An important lesson, is never to rely on the spells of others; words hold an emotional charge that carry sentiment and strong power, –for the person who wrote them!

Writing your own spells, –once familiar with the process, –is a way to ensure the success of your magick, because you’re giving words your own personal power. Use the spells included in our guide as a stepping stone, and do not rely on them, –grow from them, and develop your own sense of magick and power. If magick was as easy as mumbling someone else’s words, and lighting a candle, the world would be every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true. But magick doesn’t work that way, so roll up your sleeves, take up your quill, and be prepared to do some work.

Also, as a short side note, we refer to the “gods” in this piece also, because many pagans, Wiccans, etc., prefer their own specific deities, or have different names for the gods or goddesses they observe. Other practitioners embrace all the gods and goddesses, from various religions, and instead pluck one god or goddess, as a token deity from the religious system of their choice.

Color Chart

Black – Conducive to protective spells, spells to encourage guidance from loved ones, or the gods, encourages the development and evolution of one’s own wisdom, and the wisdom of the gods.

Purple – Promotes spiritual, and psychic energy.

Blue – Conducive to communication, and developing better communication abilities with the gods, and with others; family, friends, etc.

Green – Promotes natural healing, and building healing, productive energy, for both physical and emotional injuries; also encourages prosperity, and fertility.

Yellow – Represents and is conducive to happiness, pleasant memories, and a generally more cheerful environment; also promotes success in various venues.

Orange – Promotes creative feelings, and atmosphere.

Red – A high energy source for spells, represents strong emotions and passions, or encourages more passion at home.

Pink – Encourages feelings of romance, or romantic love, an excellent ‘love spell’ candle; also represents and encourages compassion.

White – Signifies innocence, also used for manifestation spells, whether physically manifesting a desire, or emotionally manifesting a feeling in oneself or others; also a strong source of neutral energy.

Brown – Protection for pets, and livestock, also conducive to domestic problem solving, and peace in the home.

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